Institute of Tourism Studies

Hospitality, Culinary Arts and Tourism Education

The Institute of Tourism Studies is a vocational and higher education institution aimed at meeting the changing needs of the Hospitality and Tourism Industry. It currently employs 195 members of Staff and welcomes 606 students.
ITS was established in 1987 and consolidated by the Education Act No. XIII of 2016 of the Laws of Malta. The main responsibility of the Institute is to develop students through quality learning to become professional personnel in the tourism and hospitality sector and guarantee an excellent standard of products and services within the industry.
The Institute provides courses and programmes of learning including practical and work experience, that lead to recognised Qualifications in accordance with the Malta Qualifications Framework, in trades, skills and professions as may be necessary in the tourism, restaurants and the catering industry and services, including by distance learning and or by any effective means and from any suitable place according place according to the objective of the course of programme. The courses and programmes also include suitable course and programme options for industry per-entrants and specialised programmes for personnel in the tourism industry. The Institute ensures that the courses and programmes aim to develop, technical, generic and behavioural skills and competencies, integrate theory and practice and promote modern leadership approaches. Furthermore, the work placement for learners which are an integral part of the courses and programmes are provided according to the established quality standards as required by the Institute.

Institut Paul Bocuse

Hospitality, Culinary Arts and Tourism Education

Institut Paul Bocuse is a private, not for profit foundation offering higher education at Bachelor’s (Licence), Master’s and Doctoral levels in Culinary Arts & Foodservice Management and in Hospitality Management
Institut Paul Bocuse has extensive experience in a wide variety of teaching methods for hospitality and food-service including practical application, management education using a wide variety of methodologies, and unique aesthetics-based student-based creative approaches to customer experience.
As the recognized leader in the domain within France – a country renowned for its gastronomy and its role in the history of hospitality – the school has garnered a number of awards for its teaching excellence. The school practices a number of project-based approaches to learning with at least one major analytical (science-based) and one major creative (tradition-based) interdisciplinary integrative projects per semester in all of its programmes.


Hospitality and Tourism Education

Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences has educated hospitality experts for almost 50 years, being the first hospitality school in Finland. It is the second largest University of Applied Sciences in Finland. The hotel-, restaurant and tourism education unit has approximately 1000 students studying hospitality-, culinary-, and tourism management and almost 250 students from bachelor and master programmes graduate annually.
Haaga-Helia’s expert role would be to act as coach and content developer for the Customer Service course, supporting the learning process and developing the necessary research to develop a pertinent offer for the targeted group, making sure that the workplace competence is integrated and visible in the studies. Students will have the opportunity of acquiring solid skills in Customer Care, boosting their chances of entering the work-life as qualified labor in the Hospitality sector. This, in turn, will give Haaga-Helia the opportunity to position itself as a key partner for hospitality education activities in the island of Malta, fostering long-term and strategic cooperation linked with the institution´s overall strategy.


ICT & Business Education

TCTC was founded in 1987 by the present Principal and Managing Director, Mr. Ray Abela from a single classroom in Zejtun dedicated to computer training. Through constant determination and development of new ideas, TCTC gained a stronger presence in the local market. From a one classroom centre, TCTC reached all around Malta and Gozo. TCTC is a firm player in this industry acknowledged by most as a household brand in ICT & Business Education.
TCTC has been able to deliver many successful projects locally which helped many local people to improve their skills. TCTC believe strongly in partnerships, both in business and with the communities that surround us. By continuing to work together
TCTC believes that we can build something far greater than we would achieve alone. And by co-operating, their successes can be shared to further enrich the world in which we live.

Malta Hotels & Restaurants Association (MHRA)

Tourism Sector Association

The Malta Hotels & Restaurants Association (MHRA) was formed in 1958. As the major Association in the tourism sector, the MHRA represents the interests of its members, who are local hotels and restaurants, on several important national policy making bodies, including the board of the Malta Tourism Authority, the Institute of Tourism Studies and the Malta Council for Economic and Social Development (MCESD) and MEUSAC. In addition, the Association maintains close contact with
government departments and ministries, keeping them aware of the problems facing this industry from time to time. The Association’s endeavors and achievements assure it a place amongst the more important constituted bodies in Malta. Its contribution towards the improvement of the industry remains continuous and valuable. Most hotels and restaurants in the Maltese Islands, which are its members, confirm its place of importance amongst Malta’s employers’ unions.